Be a Vendor

South Collier Farmers Market:
At the Naples Outlet Collection
6060 Collier Blvd. Naples, FL 34114


Please, fill out the form using the link below. All information obtained on the form will be kept in confidence.

Vendors are not allowed to bring their pets unless it is a service dog and you have the market manager’s permission.

Market will run through May 7 (26 weeks).

Booth assignments are assigned on the Wednesday prior to a Friday’s market. Any questions, concerns, etc., just give me a call, text, or email.

Housekeeping Items:

Booth Rent / Payments: 4 consecutive Fridays (monthly minimum) is $180, Season Rate is 26 weeks – $1080 (you get 2 free market days). Vendors occupying more than 1 booth will pay the above amounts for each and every 10’ x 10’ booth space they occupy. Vendors are required to pay on a monthly basis. Vendors will not be allowed to pop in and out of the market every other week. Vendors may elect to miss a Friday but will have to pay booth rent for any Fridays they miss. There will be no refunds for missed days, bad weather, sickness, or for any other reason. The booth rent charged takes all this and other market conditions into consideration. NEW: This season there are up to 10 spots in the row closest to the Mall (east side of the market along where the light posts are in Row A that will have access to electricity for an additional fee of $15 per Friday. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Effective January 2022, Booth Fees not paid by the due date will be assessed a $20 late fee.

Important: If you are planning NOT to attend any Friday’s market, please let me know asap. Vendors are required to pre-pay booth rent on the Monday prior to Friday’s markets. If a vendor fails to pay their booth rent by the Monday prior to Friday’s market at 6:00pm, and also fails to let me know they are not attending the Friday market by Monday at 6:00pm, they will not be allowed to attend the market that Friday and their booth will be available to other vendors.
No credit is offered for any missed paid weeks. All booth payments are due the Monday prior to the upcoming Friday market each week. The Market Manager will not be collecting any booth fees on the day of the market. If you do not pre-pay your booth rent by the Monday prior to Friday market at 6:00pm, do not plan on attending the market. Booth payments can be paid online at . Finally, you can use PayPal and send the fee to via Paypal

SETUP PROCESS: There are two shifts for setting up. The First Shift setup times will be from 6:00am to 7:30am for all vendors in Rows C & D. Second Shift will be from 7:30am to 9:00am for all other vendors. Produce vendors may set up as early as they need to. Any vendor needing extra setup time, just ask, no problem.
You are required to drive your vehicles to your spots, unload, go park in the South lot or behind the mall, then return to set up your booth. Do not set up your tent or tables until after you have parked. At end of the day take down your booth as much as possible, including your tent, then go get your vehicle and pack up. Please do not rely on market staff being able to help you with the setup or takedown process each week. We will help when we can but it is your responsibility to set up and take down your booth without assistance from market staff.

There is plenty of parking behind the outlet center. There is also a nice big turn-around for big rigs/trailers. Please feel welcome to use that back area for parking. You need to enter that back parking area from the North End of the outlet center. Parking in the South lot is still permitted. You are allowed to utilize the space behind your tent, but you are not allowed to stretch out into the customers’ walking area in front of your tent. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please do not push your displays, signs or tables outside of your tent, as that would ‘block’ the vendor next to you. Vendors’ tents should line up with their neighbors.

Maximum tent size per space is 10’ x 10’. You must fit your setup inside your tent. You are allowed to use the space behind your tent as long as you do not interfere with customer parking or other vendors’ space.

End of Market takedown process: Vendors are not permitted to begin taking down or packing away their booth until 2:10pm unless given express permission by the Market Manager. It is advertised that the market is open until 2:00pm and many customers show up at the last minute. The market needs to at least appear open until 2:00pm even if you are out of product to sell. Violation of this rule will result in a market suspension and forfeiture of booth rent for the following Friday. Do not bring your vehicles into the market prior to 2:10pm. This is strictly forbidden. No vendor is permitted to pack up and leave the market prior to 2:00 pm without the express permission of the market manager. DO NOT bring your vehicle into the market prior to 2:10 pm without permission from the market manager.

TRASH: Each vendor is to take care of collecting and removing their own trash from the market. Vendors are not permitted to place their own trash, boxes, etc. into the market trash cans that are for the use of shoppers only. Please refrain from placing any trash generated from your booth into the market trash cans. Any vendor observed or reported to place trash in the market cans may be subject to removal from the market. Please make sure to secure your napkins, business cards, food boxes, paper plates, etc. so they don’t blow away in the wind.

TENT WEIGHTS: It is required that all vendors properly secure their tents with adequate weights during every market day. Weights should be at least 20 pounds or more on each and every corner of all tents. I personally recommend at least 30 pounds on each corner. It is always windy at this market. Improperly secured tents can cause extreme damage or injury to other vendors or shoppers. Just imagine the liability, lawsuits, bad publicity, etc. that could result if a tent were to blow away and hit/injure a shopper. If you think you don’t have enough weight, get a lot more. I will be monitoring the market and if I determine you need more weights, you must comply. If I see you have no weights, you may be asked to leave the market immediately. No, you are not allowed to use your vehicle to tie down your tent. You are also not allowed to screw down your tent into the blacktop. Water jugs are not acceptable as weights. If the Market Manager or staff tells you to take down your tent due to strong winds and improper weights, you must do so immediately as these conditions can endanger both vendors and customers. This is a very important rule to abide by so please, do everything you can to make sure your tent is properly weighted and secured.

LICENSES AND PERMITS: All vendors are required to maintain and provide copies if requested, of all County and State licenses and permits required to conduct business at the market. Food vendors require special permits/inspections from Collier County. All vendors are supposed to hold a sales tax license and a “Business Tax Receipt” from Collier County. For more information, call the Florida Department of Revenue for Sales Tax License information at 239-348-7565. Business Tax Receipts call 239-252-2477. Food Permits call 850-487-1395. All vendors are considered “Mobile” businesses according to Collier County and need abide to by all rules applying to “Mobile” businesses.

PARKING RULES: Vendors must unload their products first and move their vehicles to the parking areas as directed by the market manager. Also, at the end of the market, it is a MUST that vendors break down first before bringing their vehicles back to the market area for loading.”

All vendors and their helpers are required to park their vehicles in the south parking lot of the mall as indicated in the Vendor Parking Area below. I and my 3 golf carts are available to any vendor that may need a ride to or from their vehicles once they are parked. Outlet Center management has also informed me that there is ample parking space in the grass area behind the center, and plenty of room for big rigs to turn around back there, so check it out and see if that could work for you as well. We are all permitted to park back there.
All vendors are asked to come early in plenty of time to unload, setup, and then move their vehicles to the designated vendor parking area. A few vendors have asked and have been granted an exception to this rule due to special circumstances. Please be courteous and patient with your fellow vendors regarding parking, setting up, unloading product, etc.

Vendors who continue to violate these policies/rules will jeopardize their presence in the market.

Below you will see maps for market spots and parking. Generators: All vendors needing to use a generator are required to be assigned a booth in the row closest to the road in Row D (See Vendor Spot Map) unless granted an exception by the market manager. Anyone using a generator is required to muffle the sound by using plywood, Styrofoam Insulation, etc. (Box-in) to muffle the sound as to not disturb the market. Please do this no matter how small or quiet your generator is. Remember to call me or flag me down if you would like me to shuttle you to or from your vehicle in one of the golf carts. If you have to leave because of emergencies, please contact the market manager. You will most likely then be directed to bring your vehicle to the edge of the market and carry your things to your car. Even if you sell out before the end of the market. Market manager can provide assistance with the packing up process with his golf carts. You are NOT allowed to pack up and leave without the permission of the market. Please be courteous to customers who are shopping and other vendors still working. All vendors must vacate the premises by no later than 4PM!
Tents are required unless given an exemption by the market manager. Maximum tent size per single space is 10’x10′. You must fit your setup inside your tent. You are allowed to utilize the space behind your tent, but you are not allowed to stretch out into the customers’ walking area in front of your tent. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please do not push your displays or tables outside of your tent, as that would ‘block’ the vendor next to you. Vendors’ tents should line up with their neighbors. No signs or flags are allowed outside of vendor’s tent, especially not in the customers’ walking area! Please be considerate and mindful of your customers’ safety and do not put out signs or other objects they could fall over or trip on. Keep any signage or A-frames inside or attached to your tent. Vendors must keep their spots clean. Vendors are responsible for leaving their space at the end of the market in the same condition as it was before the market — clean and free of debris. All vendors must dispose of their own trash. It is strictly forbidden to use the Plaza dumpsters! All food vendors must have their own garbage pails. All food vendors must have floor covering to protect the parking lot surface from staining. Children under 12 need to be supervised at all times and have to remain by your side or they won’t be allowed to accompany you to the market. As per the Plaza’s safety requirements, children are not allowed to roam around the parking lot or climb the trees! The Market Manager reserves the right to terminate any vendor without cause at any time. Any vendor who misses 2 or more consecutive markets will lose their designated space and will forfeit any remaining funds. If Market Manager approves, vendor can re-enter the market starting a new term. If you can’t make it to the market, please be courteous and call/text/email the market manager as soon as possible (and please do not wait till the morning of), so that we can make arrangements to fill your spot. Empty spaces affect your neighbors and the whole market. If you have an emergency, we’ll understand that you can’t make it, but please inform us ASAP if you can’t attend. If you fail to contact us, we will assume you have quit and will make your space available to other vendors. Market Manager does not grant any vendor exclusive right to sell certain products. IF VENDOR FAILS TO COMPLY WITH THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE MARKET, IT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE VENDOR AGREEMENT.

Above Rules and Regulations are subject to change due to Market conditions. If so, changes will be given out in written form by the market manager. Please consider that the reason for these Rules and Regulations is to ensure a secure and professional environment for all our vendors to sell their products and for all the customers to have a great shopping experience.

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